OTIS RUSH-August, 1st, 1987- "Nightstage", Cambridge---Nice Aud. from 1st. gen. Cassette-----

Friends, hereīs a rare & great show from 1st. Gen Casette by Otis Rush & his fabulous Bluesband,
recorded at the " Nightstage"(Bar?) in Cambridge, Mass.
Taperpat sent me a CDR copy, for upload here,
which is originally from Dime Member "Allsoundzīs" transfer from a 1st. Gen. Cassette of this performance!
Many thanx to both of them!!

This performance was obviously recorded in a Bar type venue & has a lot of distant talking, between songs!
The overall soundquality of this Stereo recording is nice, but Otis playing is outstanding!
Mp3 samples below!

01-Billy Jean
02-Got my Mojo Working
03-Double Trouble
04-All your Love
05-I wonder Why
06-Feel so Bad
07-Slow Blues/fragment only, cuts after 30 sec.
Otis Rush: g,voc
Unknown 2nd guitar,bass, drums piano
Mastercassette- Cassette-CDR
transferred to CDR by Allsoundz-CDR-
Patīs CDR
Doc Tinker:

Uploaded to Dime by Doc Tinker November 2006

Enjoy this great piece of Otis Rush history!