january 8th, 1988
chicago, illinois

1st gen tape(tdk ad90)>technics rs-t36r>r9(line in)>2gb memory card>pc>audition>cd wav>tlh(flac 8)>you

the taper responsible for this show is now deceased. the location of the master remains unknown.
nothing fancy was used to record this show. it was just a standard recorder of the day using the internal mics.
since the kingston mines is a small club this recording comes across as pretty good, though there is tape hiss
present. however, the unit had a malfunction that would cause a click every few seconds. this is not always present
and its more obvious during the more quiet parts of the tape(s)

this 1st generation tape comes from a friend of the taper and he is thrilled to share his copy.
the taper would have loved to know that others are enjoying his tapes as he never saw his tapes being listened
to by anyone except him and a couple of friends. had he known how easy it was to do then it may
have given him some incentive to still be with us and share the memories himself.

here you have 3 sets of some good ole blues from the otis rush band. special guest ted nugent jams with otis
during the 3rd set. the mc frank palagrino said that ted&his band had a show that day in chicago
and one in st louis on the following evening. the taper told the source of this show that no one seemed
to see ted chillin in the crowd till the mc called his name. you'll hear people requesting nugent songs.
it doesnt happen as they play the blues. unfortunetly, his guitar is a little low in the mix.
but dont let that sway you from enjoying the sounds of 2 great guitar players jamming.

otis rush-guitar/vocals
john howard-bass
cadillac sanford drums
special guest ted nugent

frank pellagrino-mc

disc 1 (1st set)
01)band intro
04)otis joins the band
05)got my mojo workin
08)gamblers blues
09)feel so bad
10)black knight
11)band outro

disc 2 (2nd set)

03)otis joins the band
04)all your love
05)crazy bout you
06)aint that news
07)right place wrong time

disc 3 (3rd set)

01)instramental (w/nugent)
02)? (w/nugent)
03)gamblers blues (w/nugent)
06)double trouble
07)got my mojo workin
08)? (incomplete)

please feel free to share. enjoy