Otis Rush
Up & Under Pub,
Milwaukee, WI

Feild recording and all mastering by arfarf.
Recording: Sonic Studios DSM-6P Mikes>Sony WM-D6C Cassette recorder>Maxell XLIIS-100 Min. tapes, Dolby C
Transfer: Harmon Kardon TD302 for playback and dolby C decode>CDRW-DA>EAC>FLAC level 8>ZIP>Megaupload
No EQ or other sweetining was performed on what I hope to be an accurate reflection of the master tapes.

Disc 1
-Set 1- -79:56-

-Otis Rush Blues Band-
01 Funky Good Time
02 I Want To Know
03 The Thrill Is Gone
-W/Otis Rush-
04 Three Times The Fool
05 All Your Love
06 -tuning & talking-
07 Stormy Monday
08 Everyday I'm A Lonely Man
09 It's My Own Fault
10 Got My Mojo Working (Inst.)

Disc 2
-Set 2 & Encore- -79:17-

-Otis Rush Blues Band-
01 -intro & tuning-
02 Never Move Too Soon
03 Hear My Mother Call>
Martial Law
-W/Otis Rush-
04 Pass The Peas
05 Black Night Falling
06 Blues Guitar(Inst.)
-tape flip-
07 -tuning-
08 Crosscut Saw
09 Homework
10 I Ain't Got Nobody
11 -applause & tuning-
12 Got My Mojo Working

Note: tape flip at the 8:54:01 mark of Stormy Monday, about 3 seconds of music lost here.
Otis Rush Band led by Big James Montgomery.
Comments and set list help always welcome