Otis Rush and Buddy Guy 1988 Chicago

This had no info when I downloaded it at a hub, so I thought I write one. This is a show
from 1988 probably in Chicago, with Otis Rush and Buddy Guy playing on the same date
and venue and doing one number together.

1. Intro instrumental
2. Otis comes in/Instrumental no. 2
3. Instrumental no .3
4. All your love (I miss loving)
5. Crosscut saw
6. Instrumental no. 4 (with Otis)
7. Otis introduces Buddy Guy/ Instrumental no.5
8. Five long years
9. Look over yonder wall (fades out)
10.Watch yourself (fade in)
11.The hings that I used to do
12. I smell a rat/ Gamblerīs blues (with Otis Rush on vocals and guitar)

Rating 9/10 Some crackles here and there, but overall a very good sound.
Thanks to the friend who shared this with me