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Much love and many good vibes toward Ott, Chris Barker, Naked Nick, and Matt White for putting on
a very tight and top performance. Bonus props to Mr. Baker and Mr. White for the ultra-tight and groovy
rhythm. I look forward to hearing more from you guys and perhaps seeing you again on the West Coast next year.
Many thanks for creating the music and performing it live!


Ott and the All Seeing I
Bottom Lounge
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jon G.

DFOB, centre lip, ~ 9'

1 - From taper
> Church Audio CA-14c (DIN)
> Church Audio CA-9100 4.0
> CTG extensions/interconnects
> Roland Edirol R-09HR 3.00 (Line-in, unity gain +48, 24-bit/96kHz WAV)
> 8GB SanDisk Ultra II SDHC
> Transfer to PC via SanDisk MicroMate SD>USB adapter
> TLH (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP)
> CD Wave 1.98 (Tracking, exported as 24-bit/96kHz WAV)
> Sony Sound Forge 10.0c (Channels balanced, EQ, fades, dithered/resampled/saved-as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV)
> TLH (SBEs corrected, FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP)
> Foobar 1.1.14a (Tagging)
> Dime/TTD
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Ott and the All Seeing I is:
Ott - Synths, keys, vocals, various small instruments
Chris Barker - Bass guitar
Naked Nick - Guitar, synths, vocalisations, percussion
Matt White - Drums

Play Time - 01:26:49
Daisies and Rubies
One Day I Wish to Have This Kind of Time
Adrift in Hilbert Space
Owl Stretching Time
Signals from Bob
The Queen of All Everything
Squirrel and Biscuits
The Aubergine of The Sun
Joyful Wonder
Splitting an Atom
Rogue Bagel
Mouse Eating Cheese

1] I've always thought seeing all the Twisted musicians performing their material as part of a live
band would be amazing. I got the the chance to experience this with Shpongle last October in Oakland,
although I botched the audio and only pulled semi-decent video. It was an amazing experience and I
definitely want to see Shpongle Live in Concert again, but Shpongle is only one of the Twisted artists.
Imagine how thrilled I was when Ott announced the All Seeing I project! I hoped for a Chicago date and
I got one at the Bottom Lounge!

2] The Bottom Lounge is both a horrid and great venue for shows. It's horrid, particularly for late shows,
as the neighborhood it's in is out of the way and most of the buses and trains make their last runs
shortly after 0100. On the other hand, the Bottom Lounge is friendly to tapers, the sound engineers
are approachable, and the venue sound is pretty good, especially if you take note of the bare steel
ceiling. I had my ticket well in advance of the show, but I found myself turning over the idea of not
going because of the aforementioned and needing to be at work at 0700. The taper in me won out and I
made my way to the Bottom Lounge in the end, and this is the result.

3] Special thanks to Brian for lending me the clamp, extension pole, and t-bar for the evening! So many
younguns at this show, and so many of them yappers. The height and stationary position played a huge
part in this turning out so well. Your generosity allowed me to go all out for this show and partially
make up for my mistake in Oakland last year, and played a part in capturing a very unique, intimate
experience, and one of the first live band shows that Ott has performed. Many thanks also to Tom for
letting me clamp the stand dead centre on the board lip!

4] The performance itself was amazing. Beyond the two studio rehearsal tracks on Bandcamp and one poorly
shot video on YouTube (still the only one!) I had no idea what would be performed or what it would sound
like. It's not as mesmerising as Shpongle, however, I now believe that it's unfair to compare the two, as
I wouldn't trade either one for the other, and I like all the Twisted artists for different reasons.
Should you be undecided if you want to attend or not, I highly recommend going. It's unique in its own
way, just as Shpongle is, and although the shows are and will be plentiful through early 2013, there's no
guarantee that The All Seeing I will perform on a regular basis. If they do, I still recommend seeing them
in small venues for a very personal experience. A great selection of tracks, although somewhat 'Mir' heavy.
That's not wholly negative, however, as 'Mir' is an excellent album!

5] With the previously aforementioned help from the previously aforementioned Brian, I was able to come away
with an exceedingly good pull. The raw files were nearly to my preferences, but they still needed some lite
work. That said, there's a slightly annoying midrange hum during most of 'The Aubergine of The Sun' which
sounds like something wonky with the venue acoustics or gear. Overall I'm very happy with this pull, and I
hope those of you that listen to this enjoy it as much as I am/will.