JOhn Otway and Wild Willy Barrett
BBC In Concert 1981
FM (original broadcast) - 24-bit files

01 The Green, Green Grass of Home
02 The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance
03 Who's a Lucky Birthday Boy?
04 I Think You Must be the Best Dream I've Ever Had
05 Cor, Baby, That's Really Free
06 I Can't Complain
07 Beware of the Flowers, 'Cos I'm Sure They're Going to Get You (Yeah)
08 Headbutts

FM off-air -> Revox B77 reel-to-reel -> Alesis Masterlink @ 88kHz, 24-bit (track splits, fades) -> AIFF -> Foobar2000 to FLAC

Note: This is a 24-bit fileset. It will not burn directly to CD.