Out Of The Woodwork
March 28, 1998
Live Oak, Florida
Source: CDR “Our 2nd Show In 30 Years” Soundboard?

1.There Will Be A Better Day
2.Lord Won’t You Help Me
3.So Begins The Task
4.The Lovin’ Wealth
5.Band Introductions
6.Dimming Of The Day
8.Angel’s Cry
9.The Leather Britches
10.Just You And Me
11.Goodbye Old Pal
12.Teardrops In My Eyes
13.Secret Wind
14.No One Else
15.Changes Coming Down
16.You Don’t Love Me Anymore
17. (Unknown)

Line Up:
Chris Hillman
Tony Rice
Larry Rice
Herb Pederson
Ricky Simpkins
Fred Travers
Ronnie Simpkins

Note: 16 Tracks Listed On Artwork