The Outerspace Band
live at Sugarloaf Resort
Maine, USA
August 02, 1975
opening for Waylon Jennings
uncirculated soundboard tape

The Outerspace Band are a good-timey country-swing band, and are still active; info at their website:

01 intro 0:50
02 Red White and Blue Over You 4:20
03 intro 0:56
04 The Battle of New Orleans 2:59 (Jimmie Driftwood)
05 The Streets of Baltimore 4:38 (Tompaul Glaser and Harlan Howard)
06 intro 0:46
07 unknown country-swing tune 4:59
08 intro 0:45
09 Reefer Man 6:40 (Cab Calloway)
10 encore intro 1:52
11 Chattanooga Shoe-Shine Boy 3:22 (Red Foley)
total time: 32:14
unknown generation soundboard cassette>Soundforge>WAVs>
HD>tracked and edited in Soundforge>SBEs repaired, FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper

Notes: pretty good soundboard tape - could be the master or a dub from the master; the audience is distant and some instruments are isolated to one channel but all in all a nice and listenable recording.

A Zootype project December 2008
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02-Red White and Blue Over You.flac:5eb64b32938f07252f3262b141553430
04-Battle of New Orleans.flac:407ac3a08fe9bad46b16f14a160ddb4c
05 The Streets of Baltimore.flac:3bec78abdbe13e5d4960ea9b6b891e61
07-country swing tune.flac:ffd4340d6de697c06d182018f934b46d
09-Reefer Man.flac:d3e319ec789911f1e8298da8df38fc61
10-encore break.flac:94df57cd190039cde9987297585503b9
11-Chattanooga Shoe-Shine Boy.flac:19e7bf39207b99074ce67fb019a1ae7b