the outlaws
august 3, 1975
5th floor studios
cincinnati, ohio

source : fm/2 (dolby b encoded) > marantz pmd-420 (dolby b on for playback) > soundforge 8 > flac frontend compressions level 8

taper : unknown
transfer : j.barnes (


1. intro
2. it follows from your heart
3. song for you
4. prisoner
5. there goes another love song
6. kansas city queen
7. green grass and high tides

the source for this is 1 generation off of the fm master. the original (and this copy) was encoded with dolby b, so it was used in the playback of this recording.

this is a radio session off of WEBN-FM following a performance at the Ohio River Music Festival, August 3, 1975, on the UC campus.