The Outlaws
Clover Studios, Hollywood, CA

Source : KWST 105.9 FM > unknown generation (Maxell XLII-S) (courtesy of Wes Meyette archive)

Transfer : Nakamichi Dragon > Sony PCM-M10 > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > TLH (SBE aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - July 31, 2019

Transferred & Tracked by Wes Meyette

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Formed in 1972, the Outlaws were signed to Clive Davis' new label, Arista Records, at the height of the southern rock movement.

When their blend of driving guitars, cowboy twang, and Eagles-esque harmonies came together, the public bought in.

The group had a Top 40 hit right out of the box with "There Goes Another Loves Song," from their 1975 self-titled debut album.

From that record also came an FM radio classic hit. The lengthy guitar-opus "Green Grass And High Tides," was, and remains today, the band's signature song.

The Outlaws, had released their second album in May of 1976. Titled "Lady in Waiting".

This FM recording seems rare, I couldn't find any reference for it, nor do I know the exact date.

The best guess is around early to mid 1976. If we're able to pin-point an exact date, then we'll be able to know more precisely who's onstage.

Looking through The Outlaws Wiki page, it shows a vareity of musicians from around this time period.

I've listed all the active members, up to mid 1976. If anyone can shed more light on this broadcast, let us know.

Band line up:
Hughie Thomasson : guitar, vocals (1967-1997, 2005-2007)
Billy Jones : guitars, vocals (1972-early 1981)
Henry Paul : guitars, vocals (1972-early 1977, 1983-1989, 2005-2017)
Monte Yoho : drums, percussion (1969-1979, 2005-2017)
David Dix : drums, percussion (1967-1971, early 1976-1987)
Frank O'keefe : bass, vocals (1967-early 1973, 1974-early 1976)
Harvey Dalton Arnold : bass, vocals (mid 1976- mid 1980)

Total Time = 48:55

Set list:
01 Intro
02 Stick Around For Rock-n-Roll
03 Song In The Breeze
04 Prisoner
05 There Goes Another Love Song
06 Cry No More
07 Knoxville Girl
08 Green Grass & High Tides

~~ ENJOY ~~

Henry Paul left after the following tour in 1977.

Sadly, founding members Billy Jones and Frank O'keefe died in 1985 (three weeks apart from each other).