The Outlaws
unknown venue, Denver, CO

Late Show

Source : FM broadcast > 1st gen cassette (Maxell XL-II) (courtesy of Wes Meyette archive)

Transfer : Nak Dragon > Sony PCM-M10 > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - February 8, 2020

Transferred & Tracked by Wes Meyette

posted by kingrue upload #2342

Here is some notes about this recording.

They mention "Colorado Spirit", mentions a 2nd set (?) and this was previously labeled as Rainbow Theater, which didn't open until 1979.

After doing research on the various theaters in Denver, I've come to the conclusion that this might be from the Paramount Theatre.

If anyone has any further definitive information, please let us know.


Billy Jones was initially brought on as a keyboardist but soon switched to lead guitar.

I believe this is the correct line up for the time period.

Band line up
Hughie Thomasson � guitar, vocals, pedal steel guitar, banjo (passed away September 9, 2007, aged 55)
Billy Jones � lead guitar, keyboards, vocals (passed away February 7, 1995, aged 45)
Harvey Dalton Arnold � bass, vocals (tenure 1976�1980)
Monte Yoho � drums, percussion (presently, still in the band)
Henry Paul � guitar, vocals (presently, still in the band)

Total Time = 46:49

Set list:
01 Stick Around For Some Rock-n-Roll
02 Song In The Breeze
03 Loverboy
04 Freeborn Man (dropout @ 4:37)
05 Cry No More
06 Knoxville Girl (dropout @ 0:22)
07 Green Grass & High Tides (dropout @ 14:50 & end cuts off)

This tape was a real mystery and still is, so I'll be glad to know what we have here.