A collection of Outtakes
Various Artists
Volume I

I have a lot of studio outtakes shoved at the end of shows. Sometimes it's the only outtake I have, other times I have a lot of studio material by an artist.
The best part of outtakes, to me, has always been the songs that never surfaced and were never released.
This idea works well on dime, since it means that there can be no argument about whether or not the outtake version is the same as the released version.
Some of these would be debatable as to whether they are demos vs. outtakes; I'm trying to stick to tracks that have more than one instrument
accompanying the singer, but that's obviously not a clear way to distinguish an outtake from a demo. This is for your enjoyment, so please
don't try to engage me in a discussion of whether a song is a demo or an outtake.

Some of these songs have circulated for years, others might be new to you.

The lineage is generally cd-r or cassette (x)>cdr(0)>eac>flac.

1. The Animals--Let It Be 1977
2. Beatles--Let It Down 1969
3. Badfinger (Iveys)--For My Sympathy (1967?)
4. Jeff Beck (& BT Playboys)--Got a Thing About You 1993
5. David Bowie--Looking For a Friend 1972 (NOT Arnold Corns version)
6. Elvis Costello--Fill in the Blanks 1992
7. Marshall Crenshaw--Desert Dream 1985
8. CSNY--Everybody's Alone (1969?)
9. dB's (w/ Stamey)--You Can't Take Her (1981)
10. del Amitri--Love's Gone Too Far (1984)
11. The Del Lords--Paramour 1983
12. Bob Dylan--Old Five and Dimer (acoustic) 1986 REMOVED
13. Dave Edmunds--Swinging Doors 1980

Bonus Demo:
14. Elton John--Western Rolling Union 1969