Jan 13, 1991 Owsley "Bear" Stanley - remixed to reduce levels
lengthy excerpt from 6-hour interview by David Gans

played by David Gans on his Dead To The World show
broadcast by KPFA on March 30, 2011

transferred by Monte Barry on April 7, 2011

kpfa archives > internet stream > Audacity > 44.1 / 16

Samplitude > Trader's Little Helper

d1 - 58:06
d2 - 60:27

remix explanation:
KPFA's source is a digital audio stream. My computer's recording levels in Audacity were set to unity gain. The audio levels were very hot. My original seed suffers from this problem. Levels are not correct. My bad. Sorry about that. I erred, and overlooked this when I seeded this the other day.

My original seed is fine. But, it's very loud when compared to other audio levels. Listeners should not have to change their volume controls when they play numerous materials in their audio players. The audio level is the only parameter I'm repairing in this remix.

The audio dynamics and equalization levels remain unchanged from the David Gans original source. I applied a huge amount of attenuation by normalizing the levels to 25%. Now you can play this audio and other audio in your Audio Player without having to change the volume levels. I threw in a few more pics as a bonus.