The Oyster Band - Folk on 2 Special from Sidmouth Festival 1984-08-14 FM master cassette retransfer FLAC

Tuner/Dennon Cassette deck/Playback on JVC TD-W718 to Sony RH1 set for PCM, save to wav
/Adobe Audition>tracking>slight hiss reduction>FLAC 6

Checksum file in Traders Little Helper

I was checking out a cassette for something else entirely and found this short set which I recorded from BBC Folk on 2. Slight hiss reduction was applied, FM reception was bad where I lived at that time. This band eventually changed the name to Oysterband.

See for a history of the band.

CD 1

01 Jim Lloyd Introduction
02 5 Grey Men
03 Intro to Old Molly oxford/Sheep Steeler
04 Old Molly Oxford/Sheep Steeler
05 Intro to Waiting on Glory
06 Waiting on Glory/outro - Jim Lloyd/Unknown Tune

The Oyster Band

Ian Kearey bass
Ian Telfer violin, English concertina, saxophone
Alan Prosser guitars
John Jones melodeon, vocals