Big Session Fan Request Set
The Catton Stage
The Big Session Festival
Catton Hall
Walton-Upon-Trent, South Derbyshire, UK
15 June 2012

This is the last full-on Oysterband gig that I attended that included Chopper (who has now left Oysterband except for finishing this winter's UK tour with June Tabor). Oysterband won't be the same without Chopper (although I've no doubt that they will still be incredible), and this top 20 fan-voted set is a fitting tribute. For those who don't know, The Big Session Festival is the festival run by Oysterband, and it is always Oysterband at their incredible best. So this is really a must listen for all Oysterband fans.

I dedicate this set to Oysterband and all those who have ever performed with Oysterband, as well as to all of those DIME members (Alan77, BigDee, kayjaybee, Spacebandit, reb01501,and others) who have uploaded Oysterband gigs. Many thanks to BigDee for his amazing job mastering this!

This set was completely chosen by fans who submitted their Top 20 setlists for the purpose of Oysterband choosing the Top 20 songs for this gig. There was just incredible energy by both the band and the loving audience. The set was an incredible 1 hour and 40 minutes non-stop.

Play it LOUD and enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have recently seen a number of my DIME uploads for sale on the Internet. Don't be an ass; selling this recording will only stop me from uploading future recordings. Please DO share this freely though, and convert all of your friends to this music. And above all else buy Oysterband's many commercial recordings, and see them in concert!

Also, please join me in supporting Chopper (Ray Cooper) in all of his new endeavors.

OKM II K Studio -> A3 BB -> line-in jack of Sony PCM-M10 -> Sound Forge 7 (for trimming) -> FLAC8 -> BigDee -> Sound Forge & HarBal -> 16 bit FLAC

Recorded in 44.1/24 bit.

1. Lucy Ward Intro / Native Son
2. All That Way for This
3. By Northern Light (Lee Partis joins the band starting here)
4. Here Comes the Flood
5. Another Quiet Night in England
6. Coal Not Dole / Bells of Rhymney
7. The Shouting End of Life
8. Uncommercial Song
9. The Deserter
10. Dancing As Fast As I Can
11. Granite Years (James O'Grady joins the band starting here)
12. One Green Hill
13. Oxford Girl
14. 20th of April (20 de Abril)
15. Everywhere I Go
16. When I'm Up I Can't Get Down
17. The Road to Santiago

18. Blood Wedding
19. Put Out the Lights