Oysterband & Friends (incomplete but lossless version - please read explanation below)
(with June Tabor, James O'Grady, and Leonard Podolak, + Steve Knightley on the encore)
Main Stage 1
Shrewsbury Folk Festival
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
29 August 2011

This is in honor of Oysterband and June Tabor winning 4 different Folk Awards at the 2012 BBC Folk Awards presentation last week. Amazing and well deserved! The awards were for Best Group, Best Album, Best Traditional Track, and Folk Singer of the Year (for June Tabor).

Only tracks 1-18 (up until the final applause before the encore) are being seeded here. This is completely lossless except for approximately 1 minute at the end capturing the final few notes and applause before the encore. The DIME moderators said that the ~1 minute Internet patch portion would be permissible in this case.

I'll be seeding a complete version on Demonoid as soon as I completely seed the DIME version. I'll add a link here as soon as I have it.

Audience recording (Tracks 1-18 except for the last couple of minutes of Track 18) 44.1/24 bit. Internet recordings (end of Track 18, Tracks 19-21) at 44.1/16 bit.

Tracks 1-18: MS-TFB-2 In-Ear Binaural Mics -> SP-SPSB-11 Slimline Battery Module (16 Hz, no bass roll-off) -> line-in jack of Sony PCM-M10 -> Sound Forge 9 (for trimming) -> FLAC8 -> BigDee -> Sound Forge & HarBal -> 16 bit FLAC

Tracks 18 (end)-21: Internet broadcast -> 44.1/16bit using Sound Forge 9

I unfortunately had to leave to catch my train (vs. being stranded until the next day) just prior to the encore. Fortunately Shrewsbury Folk Festival did an Internet broadcast during the festival and for a week after that. Unfortunately the order of playback of the performances after the festival is somewhat random since it's largely based on festival favorites and requests. However, I happened to be at my computer twice during the latter part of the rebroadcast of this concert, so managed to record the missing bit.

Many thanks to BigDee for his amazing job mastering this! He pretty seamlessly merged my audience recording with the Internet soundboard broadcast (which also included audience mics) to get one complete recording.

Photos are included in case anyone's motivated to do artwork.

Play it LOUD and enjoy!

Recorded from the front row center (but behind the mosh pit).


1. Over the Water (OB)
2. Walking Down the Road with You (OB)
3. I'll Meet You There (OB)
4. Here Comes the Flood (OB)
5. Molly Bond (OB)
6. Mississippi (OB + JT)
7. All Tomorrow's Parties (OB + JT)
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart (OB + JT)
9. Bonny Bunch of Roses (OB + JT)
10. Street of Dreams (OB + JT)
11. tunes (OB + JO)
12. If You Can't Be Good (OB + JO)
13. Blackwaterside (OB + JO)
14. Native Son (OB + JO)
15. tunes (OB + LP + JO)
16. Wayfaring (OB + LP + JO)
17. When I'm Up I Can't Get Down (OB + LP + JO)
18. The Road to Santiago (OB + LP + JO) (cut after applause for DIME)

19. Put Out the Lights (OB + JT + ?) (excluded from DIME)
20. festival close - thanks and chat (OB + SK) (excluded from DIME)
21. Bright Morning Star (OB + JT + SK + LP + JO?) (excluded from DIME)

JT=June Tabor
JO=James O'Grady
LP=Leonard Podolak (from The Duhks, Turtle Duhks)
SK=Steve Knightley (from Show of Hands)