Massey Hall
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Source: DAUD/OTS>Schoeps cmc/mk4v>Sonosax sx-m2>Apogee A/D 1000>
DA-P1>oade active>Sony D-7(@44.1)

Transfer:Master Dat from D-7>Sony DTC-690>Audioquest Optilink 1>
SEK'D Prodif Plus>Samplitude v5.5>CDwav1.61>mkwact0.97b1>shn

Edits: Only edit done was a five second fade in on disc one.

Taper:Linda Webster
Transfer:Chris Ace

Disc One:
The Grand Pecking Order
Pseudo Suicide
Owner Of The World
Radon Balloon
Army's On Ecstasy
Polka Dot Rose
Shadow Of A Man
Oz Is Ever Floating
Wield The Spade

Disc 2
Birthday Boys
Rubberneck Lions
Mr. Oysterhead

Encore: Changes