June 16, 2006
What Stage
Bonnaroo Music Festival

Source: ADK TL 51 (omni, split 5') > V2 > 722 @ 24/96
Location: FOB, DFC, 40' from stage
Transfer: 722 > firewire > wavelab (+2.0 db gain, fades, tracking, dither, resample) > flac frontend

Tape and Transfer by Brad Wolf

Disc 1

d1t01. Little Faces *
d1t02. Oz is Ever Floating
d1t03. Mr. Oysterhead
d1t04. Army's on Ectsasy
d1t05. Radon Balloon

Disc 2

d2t01. Rubberneck Lions>
d2t02. Jail House Rock (wamola version)>
d2t03. Shadow of a man
d2t04. Birthday Boys
d2t05. Polka Dot Rose
d2t06. Pseudo Suicide
d2t07. crowd

d2t08. Owner of the World

* Missed the first 60 seconds, patched with Neumann KM140 > V3 > MT2496.