Oz Noy Trio (Feat. Dave Weckl / Will Lee)

The Iridium Jazz Club
(1st Set)

Track00 - Weclome to The Iridium 01:40
Track01 - UT 06:26
Track02 - Twisted Blues 11:32
Track03 - Jam 11:35
Track04 - UT 11:16
Track05 - Jelly Blue 15:13
Track06 - Just Groove Me 06:38

Oz Noy - Guitar.
Dave Weckl - Drums.
Will Lee - Bass.

Note: The USPS beat the hell out of the cd amarilio sent me, and EAC reported a bunch of timing errors around the one hour and
two minute mark of the show. I couldn't hear any audible problems, but I just gave it a cursory listen. Given how badly
scratched the cd is, though, it's amazing EAC finished ripping it at all.

Church Cards>Church STC - 9000 Stereo Preamp>Zoom H4n>CDR>EAC>Audacity>TLH>FLAC(Level 8) & align on sector boundaries