Oz Noy Trio
Chicago, Illinois USA

Recorded by: mlvcarlos

Aud > Core Sound Binaural Mics (Bass Roll-Off ON) > Edirol R-09HR (48kHz/24bit) > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (44kHz/16bit) > Traders Little Helper > Flac (level 8)

Oz Noy - Guitar
Anthony Jackson - Contrabass Bass
Dave Weckl - Drums


01. Get Down 11:37
02. Twisted Blues 9:23
03. Whole Tone Blues 6:39
04. Jelly Blue 11:23
05. Downside Up 10:33
06. Twice In A While 10:20
07. Steroids 8:58
08. Cissy Strut 8:38

Here's one from my archives, that's never been circulated. I remember walking out of this show extremely critical and disappointed, mainly due to the fact that Oz' musical style on his then latest record "Twisted Blues" just didn't appeal to me, and hardly any solo space was given to his all-star rhythm section, which to me is inexcusable. And while I'm still not a huge fan of his playing, I thought this recording came out really nice. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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