Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Electric Lady Studios
52 West 8th St.
New York, NY

Source: FM broadcast
Lineage: Unknown gen. cassette> CDR>EAC>Cool Edit>CD WAV>FLAC
Transferred to cdr by: ozrkreb
EAC forward by: ljs54
Artwork by: ozrkreb & josenoruego

101. Intro > Chicken Train
102. You Made it Right
103. Valencia Road
104. Leatherwood
105. Spaceship Orion
106. Mountain Range
107. A Dollar's Worth of Regular
108. Road to Glory
109. E.E. Lawson
110. Look Away
111. The Roadmaster
112. If You Wanna Get to Heaven
113. Nadine (announcer outro cuts off)

Known Glitches: Some FM signal static. Only about 5 secs or so of actual music is impacted. I used the click/pop eliminator under noise reduction in Cool Edit but it didn't do much good as the static sounds like it was in the FM signal, so I left it alone. With the exception of these glitches, this show has very good sound.

t01: At about :06 for about a sec. During intro - no impact on music.
t09: At about 1:14 for about a sec and a half.
t12: At about 3:16 for about 3 secs. and from about 3:31 to 3:42 there a few instances, although they occur during the recording studio announcer's speaking part and not the music.

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