Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Palomino Club
North Hollywood, California
November 10, 1976 (wednesday)

KMET-FM, Los Angeles

01. Standin' On The Rock
02. Homemade Wine
03. You Know Like I Know
04. The Red Plum
05. Chicken Train
06. Love Makes A Lover
07. Rescue Me (with Steve Canaday)
08. Walking Down The Road
09. Arroyo
10. Noah
11. Jackie Blue (tape flip-a patch was added to create a seamless splice)
12. E.E. Lawson
13. If You Wanna Get To Heaven
14. Beauty In The River
second encore:
15. It'll Shine When It Shines

Recorded "off the air" by Allen Tarzwell
KMET-FM > Unknown cassette deck using 1 Maxell LN C90 (no Dolby)

Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth aligned to tape, no Dolby, Bias @ 120us) >
Korg MN-2000S 1 Bit DFF @ 2.822 MHz > AudioGate (24-96) >
Audacity (minor editing - volume, balance, dropouts, and splices) >
AudioGate (16-44) > CD Wav > TLH (Flac Level 8) > Stamp ID3 tag editor

Most of the station ID breaks were removed on the master (the pause button).
These breaks were cleaned up a bit better in post production digital editing.
A tape flip during Jackie Blue has been spliced.
This is found at 2:37 of track 11.
The recording becomes a bit brighter on side two of the cassette.
For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.
Flying M Productions - August 2012

John Dillon: acoustic guitar, fiddle, mouthbow, vocals
Steve Cash: harmonica, percussion, vocals
Larry Lee: drums, acoustic guitar, tinkles, vocals
Supe Granda: bass, mandolin, backing vocals
Buddy Brayfield: piano, accordion, percussion, backing vocals
Rune Walle: lead & slide guitar, banjo
Steve Canaday: guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Jerry Mills: mandolin
Bill Jones: sax, percussion

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