Ozric Tentacles
Greenland’s Farm, Glastonbury, UK
October 1985

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: Cassette > Unknown > CDR > XLD > Adobe Audition CC 2015 > FLAC

Track Listing
1. Jam (7:30)
2. Trees To Eternity (7:52)
3. Jam (4:25)
4. Sniffing Dog (11:59)
5. Jam (10:35)
6. Aumriff (3:56)
7. Og Ha Be (10:25)
8. Jam (15:26)
9. Stupid Reggae (7:30)

Running Time: 79:36

Ripped from my CDRs in 2014. Each track had SBEs so I manually went through each one, removed them and retracked. Spectral analysis seems to show this as lossless so I think we’re all good on this one.

Another nice sounding tape with a few rough spots and channel dropouts in places. Up there with the best from 1985. Another tape I’d love to find and do a fresh proper high-res transfer.

This used to circulate as an unknown venue, but this website seems to place everything together so Ive used that. http://greengalloway.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/ozrics-tentacles-greenlands-farm-1985.html