Ozric Tentacles - 1986-08-16 Quazars Coliseum, St. Austell, UK (Ex Aud)

Ozric Tentacles

Quazars Coliseum
St. Austell, UK
16th August 1986

Audience recording, no further info on this. A- to my ears, 9/10, for an audience rec.
Lineage: Unknown

01 - Jam
02 - Jam
03 - Jam
04 - Sniffing Dog
05 - The Omriff
06 - Jam
07 - Jam

Band: Ed, Joie, Tig, Roly, Adam, Paul, John
also Features Dan (from Webcore)

Sorry, no further info on recording and lineage. Searched the web but nothing at all.

Got this one long time ago. It seems to be the only known version in circulation.
All I can remember is they allowed audience taping at that show.
SBEs tested and no errors. Spec Analysis done and it's not lossy sourced.

Didn't find this one on the tracker.