Ozric Tentacles
Live at The Old Wheatsheaf, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England
August 1986 (Exact date unknown)

Track list:
1.01 - Jam (7.06)
1.02 - Jam (18.32)
1.03 - Jam (2.19)
1.04 - Sniffing Dog (6.55)
1.05 - Jam (10.38)

2.01 - Og-Ha-Be (8.16)
2.02 - Om Riff (8.20)
2.03 - Jam (10.37)
2.04 - Dots Thots (11.13)
2.05 - Erp Riff (7.09)


I received this in a CD trade then CD > WAV > FLAC > Dime

According to Peter W's site there are 15 known live Ozric recordings from 1986. I have five of them and IMHO this is the best one of the lot. It's an audience recording which suffers from minor tape hiss and some distortion in a few places, but overall it's a very listenable recording that I'd rate B+ / A-.
It's a great set from the band consisting mostly of jams and with a much fuller sound than on some recordings from around the same time, my guess is that they had pretty much a full lineup for this show and they were all on good form :)

Lineup is unconfirmed but probably something like:

Ed Wynne - Guitar
Roly Wynne - Bass
Nick "Tig" Van Gelder - Drums
Joie Hinton - Keyboards/Synths
Tom Brookes - Synths
Marcus "Carcus" or Paul Hankin - Additional percussion

Enjoy and as usual please share any 1980's Ozric recordings you might have floating about :))

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