Ozric Tentacles
Town & Country Club, Kentish Town, London.
4th Sept. 1988
Audience recording
Quality 8-9 (I dont usually grade my recordings as it can be soooo subjective)
Lineage; Sony WM-R202 recording walkman > TDK AD90 cassette (master) > Teac V-395CHX cassette deck > Acer Travelmate 4001 laptop > Soundforge (trims & cuts) > TLH (flac conversion & SBE fixes & ffp creation) > DaD

1. Opening Jam?
2. O-I
3. Og-Ha-Be > Jam
4. Dissolution (the clouds disperse)
5. Erp Riff

I've made no adjustments to the sound of this at all.

Also playing at this gig were Tubilah Dog, Voodoo Child and Naz Nomad & The Nightmares (the Damned doing their hippy thing if you didn't already know)

With the Ozrics starting a tour in the UK & Europe in a couple of weeks (and it's been very quiet here recently) I thought I'd share this little gem with you all as a way of saying thanks to all the people who recorded & shared all the previous Ozric gigs on DaD.
It's not on Pete Wibrew's list of Ozric gigs but it is definately the correct date and venue, I know because I taped it.