Ozric Tentacles
Reading Fest
University of Reading

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Originally seeded to Dime by machasha on Sat 29th Jul, 2006.
Thanks to jazzpunk and nostromo53 for corrected setlist info.

Disc 1-

1 Intro (Strangetude) > Erpland
2 Og-Ha-Be
3 Dots ~ Thots
4 Dissolution (The Clouds Disperse)
5 White Rhino Tea
6 Snake Pit
7 O-I

Disc 2-

1 Space Between Your Ears
2 Erpsongs
3 The Throbbe
4 Kick Muck
5 Sniffing Dog
6 Irish Jig
7 Jam

Line up at this time-

Shreddy Eddy Wynne - guitar, keys
Jumpin' Jon (Champignon) - flutes, vocalizations, twirling, clever patter
Joie Hinton - synths
Merv Pepler - drums
Zia Gelani - bass

(Note: Roly Wynne had left the band by this time, but the playing on this recording sounds a lot like him.)

This great live gig was down the same years as the official live release of Live Underslunky. A year before Jurassic Shift and they "break it big" in the charts. The following years at Reading they are on the Main Stage.
This was a great year for the Ozrics. You can hear that they are still having fun...enjoy this show. More to come.

Pitch was approximately 62 cents sharp. Corrected. (CEP)
Raised amplitude - Left channel - 157% (CEP)
I even think I removed one click, too.
reFLACed (TLH)
goody - 9/04/06