Ozric Tentacles
John Egan- flute, voice and twirling
Joie Hinton- keyboards
Ed Wynne- guitar and occasional keyboards
Zia Geelani- bass
Mervin Pepler- drums
the Wetlands
New York City, N.Y.
July 24, 1993
mostly one source, a few missing
parts patched in with a second
source of the same show. both are
from 1st gen. audience recordings.
source one is a little bit better
and closer up sounding but both
are quite enjoyable and not dramaticly
different for their sound quality.
thanks to luciferburns for source 1
and to oresund44 for source 2 allowing
all these long spacey songs to be heard
without any interruptions. all 169:21 of them.
total runtime: 169:21 (minutes/seconds)
1st set 53:09
1: erpland 9:56
2: O-I 5:20
3: og-ha-be 20:23
4: vita voom > 5:16
5: jurassic shift 12:12 (short section spliced in from second source)
2nd set: 48:34
6: tuning and goofing 1:19
7: beard of joy 5:39
8: the throbbe 17:64
9: white rhino tea 7:18
10: snake pit 6:03 (ending applause spliced in from second source)
11: space between your ears 10:26
3rd set 67:37
12: dissolution (the clouds disperse) 15:25
13: pteranodon 8:37
14: bizarre bazaar 20:05 (this track is entirely from source 2, complete)
15: kick muck 15:35
16: om riff 7:54
lineage for all:
1st gen. Maxell XLII cassettes
(source 1 is from 90 min. tapes,
source 2 is from 100 min. tapes,
both with no dolby NR. >
played on Nak. 100 into soundforge
with realtek soundcard (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
Source 2 patches were pitch adjusted
by 50 cents (slower) to match source 1.
(except bizarre bazaar, from set 3, that one did not need speed adjust.)
Do not sell this recording.
A little of this, that, those and these production.
digitized and posted by glasnostrd19 December 2009.
due to the length of this show and there being 3 sets in it
(with intermissions between them) I have put this in 3 folders.
each set is seamless and all the music is complete
og-ha-be may go into something else (20 min. is really long for that one)
but if it does I could not identify it.
bizarre bazaar is usually a long one, so is dissolution,
kick muck (post-80's) and the throbbe, so those are each all that 1 title.
The third set of source 2 may have been from a third source
since it sounds a little better than the rest from that source.
good thing because otherwise I would have had to do 2 splices
in Bizarre Bazaar which would not have been fun at all. I don't know
if that one song is from a 1st gen source but it sounds good and
like the others it's all in here. My thanks to the unknown folks
who recorded this show in a way to make it possible to hear all
of it, which is never easy with ozric shows using analog cassettes.
especially this one.
I had 2 sources for this show to put together into one whole
king size Ozric pie. this is one of the longest ozric shows
I've ever heard from any time. It was an important time for
ozricessences. Live Ethereal Cereal was their only live release
from their 80's era spacey/electronica era, and a couple of years
before this was the band's first live album from their "power-proggy"
era which gave us Ozriclassics like Og-Ha-Be, White Rhino Tea, and
Kick Muck (not the earlier kick muck redux which sounds more like
kick a creampuff), so this show samples some of the rock and jams
and space between their ears sound. Jurassic Shift was their newest record,
too new for most to know it, maybe still about to be released. the latest
"new" release of ozric music at the time that people knew was "strangitude",
one of the 1st ozric discs I heard. that's a cool one.
to the best of my knowledge, Ozric's 1st visit ever to the U.S.A.
was on July 23, the night before this in N.Y. at the Grand, then they
played 2 nights at the Wetlands. No U.S. tour apparently (until April 1994)
Ozric songs are usually pretty long and stretched out. This show was extra
stretched out. they must have wanted to make a good first impression in America.
this group usually has a regular setlist without alot of variation,
especially starting soon after this time. this setlist was all over the place,
and makes a great Ozric live sampler. I don't know if they ever played
"bizarre bazaar" in the U.S. other than this 20 min. jam but it's the
only time I'm aware of it. one of their shows in Colorado a little after
this ran longer than usual too, but not this long. even at this time,
125 min. was a full monty ozric show, and most were 90 min. or less
until around this time, when they started playing 105-110 minute shows..
there was no ozric era where 170 minute shows were the usual.
if you want the greatest hits of early ozrics, that's what their
"afterswish" is for.