a Jurassic Shift in Boston...
Ozric Tentacles
Shreddy Eddy Wynne: guitar, keys
Jumpin' Jon (Champignon): flutes, vocalizations, twirling, clever patter
Joie Hinton: synths
Zia Gelani: bass
Merv Pepler: drums
Local 186
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
April 16, 1994
(Jurassic Shift tour)
original broadcast date: June 10, 1994
on 91.3 WCUW Worcester's "Glasnost Radio" show
performance quality: B+
recording quality: B+ (very good quality)
source: master audience tape
runtime: 105:37 (minutes/seconds)

setlist: disc 1 75:31
1: og-ha-be 13:23
2: 0-1 5:17
3: erpland 6:31
4: white rhino tea 7:17
5: vita voom > 9:34
6: jurassic shift 6:48
7: snake pit 5:23
8: dissolution (the clouds disperse) 13:53
9: the throbbe 7:22

disc 2 30:06
10: space between your ears 9:15
11: kick muck 11:10
12: sniffing dog 9:39
lineage: Naka. CM-100 microphones >
Radio Shack mini mixer >
Naka. BX-100 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes > soundforge 4.5 >
CD > CD extractor > FLAC 6 > torrent.
Do not sell this recording.
share freely and losslessly.
This is a Glasnost Radio You are There Production.
We're not just practicing this time.
We all need some new Tentacle toys to play with.
It may have no artwork, which
is hardly appropriate for an Ozric torrent,
(that's because I don't have a working printer)
but the sound files should not need any
kind of further editing at all. Only
for you to hear them. (If a future
reseeder wants to add some artwork
to this that would be fine with me.)
the sound files are the same as the
original seed I posted of this in spring 2008.
This was part of a conjoined-twin torrent then,
now successfully seperated for its first reseeding.
reseeded in 2010 with band lineup info and setlist correction
this is my 1st and favorite Ozric show. it was recorded with mikes
about 15 feet apart, maybe 20 feet from the stage so there is good
stereo seperation for an "audience" recording
(recorded for FM broadcast by kind permission of the band)
this was the only time I got to see Merv Pepler since "Rad" had
replaced him for the late 1994 Arborescence U.S. tour.
this was the 1st ozric show ever in Boston area, and there would
be several more in later tours. the crowd seemed pretty excited about
it and the band seemed inspired. there had been just one (Michigan) U.S.
show before this in 1994 and 3 in 1993 in N.Y.C. so this was very early
in the 1st ozric U.S. tour.