Arborescence in Boston
Ozric Tentacles
Paradise club
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
September 25, 1994
(Arborescence tour)
original broadcast date: November 11 and 18, 1994
on 91.3 WCUW Worcester's "Glasnost Radio" show
performance quality: B
recording quality: B+ (very good quality)
source: master audience tape
runtime: aprox. 110 min.
lineage: Naka. CM-100 microphones >
Radio Shack mini mixer >
Naka. BX-100 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes > soundforge 4.5 >
CD > CD extractor > FLAC 6 > torrent.
This is a Glasnost Radio You are There Production.
We're not just practicing this time.
We all need some new Tentacle toys to play with.
It may have no artwork, which
is hardly appropriate for an Ozric torrent,
(that's because I don't have a working printer)
but the sound files should not need any
kind of further editing at all. Only
for you to hear them. (If someone
wants to add some artwork to this
that would be fine with me.)
the sound files are the same as the
original seed I posted of this in spring 2008,
except some additional level balancing was done
when I discovered the levels were not quite right
in some tracks the 1st time I posted this.
This was part of a conjoined-twin torrent then,
now successfully seperated for its first reseeding.
9/25/94 disc 1
1: og-ha-be
2: 01
3: white rhino tea
4: astral cortex
5: vita voom
6: there is a planet here
7: myriapod
8: the throbbe
9: beard of joy
10: erpland
disc 2

11: dissolution
12: kick muck
13: sniffing dog
Thise is an almost complete show from Ozric in Boston, the second time
Ozric ever played in Boston. The April one is one of my favorite OT shows,
and is complete, both recorded with same deck and mikes on stands about 25
feet from stage very close to dead center and the sound is very nice on
both. This one has 2 brief interruptions (spliced, not very noticable
at all) apparently due to power interruption (maybe chord being unplugged)
since both these shows were using AC power to the recorder. Both these shows are
Glasnost Radio Productions (not just practice this time), recorded for
broadcast on WCUW Worcester's 91.3 FM radio's Glasnost Radio program, which I
hosted in the 1990's and featured mostly recorded live concerts. Some 200 or so
shows were recorded by yours truly, mostly of bands nobody's ever heard of,
these are 2 of the best recordings and most familiar of those. I was very
happy to broadcast 4 Ozric shows of my own recording (plus a couple of others),
all of them came out well and were good shows on different tours. The April
one is more high energy, but they're both good and this is one of Rad's 1st
U.S. shows. I liked Marvelous Merv alot better on drums in the April show.
The songs are numbered accordingly through the whole show sequence and there
are fadeins and fadeouts at the beginning and end of each disc, and each concert,
with a couple of seconds of applause overlapped. Nothing has been edited out and
no noise reduction of any kind was used to make this recording at all. I don't
think it needs any either. Both shows come from my master tapes, a CD extraction is
in the lineage because the computer with the files for this upload (one of my 1st
25 planned starting in 12/06 but delayed) died and now it's all up to Bertha III.
This is not a bad thing, really. Bertha's belly is about 5 times bigger than the
one that died, and is recovering well from multiple electronic surgeries. It
swells with late Chanukah and Christmas presents, Valentine hearts, and very soon
at this rate, probably uploads for all seasons of the year. This one is a spring
and fall classic of Glasnost Radio lore. Although both auds, they're about as good
as an Ozric audience analog gets, recorded by kind permission of the band. There's
two more just like this, similar quality, same mikes and deck, 1999 and 2000 Boston,
all broadcasted on Glasnost Radio on WCUW 91.3 FM Worcester. Those will come up
eventually. All You are There productions (that's the elite division of Glasnost
Radio Productions, the best we've got. The other basic groups are You're Almost
there productions, and You're sorta/kinda There Productions, also known as Wish
you were there productions, and even at a Pink Floyd concert, that is not nearly
as good as a You are There production. You get some of all of them from glasnostrd19,
and they have all done some good work, and some crap, like most of us.) This is one
of the best of Glasnost Radio Productions' work. Both shows have good stereo
seperation and clear fidelity because the mikes were several feet apart and above
most of the crowd, between the PA's on either side. Our slogan ought to be we've
recorded a concert almost as many ways as the number of concerts, looking for better
ways to record a concert, but we have no slogan, just a desire to feed the world...
with music. Because music heals alot. Ozric music definitely does. This would have
been one of my "3 and 3" step torrents except this was one of the initial 30 uploads
I lost the original files to when my old computer died in Feb. The only difference now
is CD extractor in the lineage, but it was ripped to WAV (the only way I will use it)
then back to FLAC and the torrent, and as long as there were no problems along that path
(I know of none here) it will maintain the sound quality of a "3 and 3" torrent if not very
close to it. That means, by the way, master > WAV > FLAC > torrent from me,
download > FLAC to WAV > burn discs being the 3 steps for you (no sound editing needed,
already done if needed).
If you lived in Central Mass. in the 1990's you may have heard this over the often flaky,
or monophonic, or distorted sound of a transmitter from circa John F. Kennedy on the PT-109,
now it's time for this to be heard for what it is- A You are There production. The 1st 2
times I ever saw Ozric in concert. I think the fall tour began in Providence the night before,
buty am pretty sure (not absolutely) that the April show was the 1st U.S. show of the 94 tour
and there was plenty of high energy to go around. This Sept. one is a mellower, spacier show,
and with the Ozric Tentacles, this is not a bad thing.

Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.