Ozric Tentacles
The La La Luna
Sante Fe, New Mexico
October 10, 1994

Lineage: SBD>DAT>DAT>CASS>Wavelab Lite>WAV>FLAC Frontend>FLAC

Disc 1
01 Og Ha Be
02 O-I
03 White Rhino Tea
04 Astro Cortex
05 Vita Voom
06 There's A Planet Here
07 Myriapod
08 The Throbbe >
09 Beard Of Joy >
10 Erpland

Disc 2
11 Dissolution > Vibuthi Jam
12 Kick Muck
13 Sniffing Dog

Total time 1:52:50

Shreddy Eddy Wynne - guitar, keys
Jumpin' Jon (Champignon) - flutes, vocalizations, twirling, clever patter
Seaweed - synths
Zia Gelani - bass
Rad - drums


When I received this show in FLAC format in a trade, The Throbbe > Beard Of Joy > Erpland was one file which I split into 3 files. Furthermore, a little gap in Sniffing Dog was removed at 4:28. The entire show was not cut on sector boundaries which I fixed using TLH.

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Uploaded to DIME by propylaen in April 2015.


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