Here's another OT show from my "master". I was fortunate that a fellow taper let me patch into his rig at the tapers section. I pateched from his output with a digital cable into my DAT recorder. Unfortunately, I didnt keep the notes of what the rig I patched into consisted of, but the sound quality is excellent. (sample included)

Ozric Tentacles
July 27, 1999 (1999-07-27)
Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado

1) O-I
2) Erpland
3) Oddentity
4) Snakepit
5) Ahu Belahu
6) Papyrus
7) Oolite Grove / Citadel Jam
8) Sultana Detrii
9) Chinatype
10) Sploosh!
11) Eternal Wheel
12) Dissolution (the clouds disperse)
13) Spice Doubt
14) White Rhino Tea
15) The Throbbe

Total 2:03:02

unknown mics on 10' stand in tapers section > Sony D7 DAT > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac(8) > you !