Ozric Tentacles, The Wetlands, NYC October 28, 2000

A very nice show from the Fall 2000 tour. This was the second show of a two night run
for the Ozrics in New York City. I have "upped" this show before, but it was almost
five years ago (Yikes! Has it been that long?), so this is a brand new torrent.

I do not remember who I got this show from, but I had several trading partners from
1999 through 2005, and I suspect it came from one of those. This is an excellent
quality audience recording; very clear and "crispy". Performances are exemplary,
"Pixel Dream" is especially good. Please, also note the unusual, and probably
one-time only jammy intro to Xingu. The only small glitch in this recording is the
abrupt beginning of The Throbbe, missing perhaps the first minute (?) or so.

This recording also features one of the last (but one of the better performances)
of "Sniffing Dog", already quite a rarity by this late date. And, oddly enough after
"Sniffing Dog", the band takes a break - opening the next set with "Saucers".

Jon is handed some Chilean pan pipes to play just prior to "Oolite Grove", but
since he's drunk some wine....well, you know...and Ed is terrified of how loud his
guitar is. Sounds like they're all in the.. *ahem* ...proper frame of mind.

Also, a mention of the artwork. Both covers are photos I took in the summer of 1999
and are both from the Glacier National Park area, one of the most beautiful parks
in the US. The front cover was taken along the road to our campsite - it was a warm
night, car windows wide open, the wind rushing by, and the Ozrics on the CD player,
"Ghedengi", I think. Just then, the moon burst through the clouds, and I pulled over
and snapped the photo. The back photo is on the road coming from Glacier and
heading north to the Canadian border - the sun, the clouds; it all came together in
quite a cool shot.

I have tested this recording for lossy origins, and it's not. Spectrum analysis
is available upon request. I have also generated AND verified the MD5

The particulars:

Disc 1

1. Intro -> O-I
2. Vita Voom
3. Pixel Dream
4. Snakepit
5. Sniffing Dog
6. Saucers
7. Xingu
8. Oolite Grove

Disc 2

1. Dissolution
2. Aramanu
3. Vibuthi
4. White Rhino Tea
5. The Throbbe

The band is:

Shreddy Eddy Wynne - guitar, keys
Jumpin' Jon (Champignon) - flutes, vocalizations, twirling, clever patter
Zia Geelani - bass
Seaweed - synths
Rad - drums