Ozric Tentacles - The Georgia Theater, Athens GA. November 3, 2000 Here's a terrific, but short, show from the Fall 2000 tour. On this date the Ozrics were opening for the Disco Biscuits. I received this show, as I have for many of my shows, from the usual list of suspects, several days or weeks after the show itself. This is an excellent audience recording with no apparent flaws. For a lovely write up of the Ozric shows from November 1-4, 2000, please check out Paul Cashman's entertaining blog (with TONS of photos!) here: http://jet13.hasweb.com/~paulcas/ozrics00.html Lineage: Original CD-R -> Exact Audio Copy (image extration) -> Sound Forge 7.0 -> FLAC encoding (Level 6) I have tested this recording for lossy origins, and it's not. Spectrum analysis is available upon request. I have also generated AND verified the MD5 signatures. The particulars: 1. Xingu 2. Pixel Dream 3. Sultana Detrii 4. Saucers 5. Eternal Wheel 6. Vibuthi 7. Sploosh! 8. Dissolution The band is: Shreddy Eddy Wynne - guitar, keys Jumpin' Jon (Champignon) - flutes, vocalizations, twirling, clever patter Zia Geelani - bass Seaweed - synths Rad - drums Artwork included.