Ozric Tentacles
Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival, Breitenbach, Germany
(audience recording)


2001 - Soundman OKM I > SHARP MD-MT20H > YAMAHA Promix 01 (EQ/limiting claps) > PHILLIPS CDR560 (CD-Recorder) > CDR
2014 - CDR > PC > Wavelab (EQ, edit (deleting some clicks/bumps), tracking) > TLH(flac8)

recording position: about 5 meters in front of the soundboard, little left to the center



01 o-i 5.46
02 vita voom 4.23
03 pixel dream 11.01
04 pyramidion 10.25
05 saucers 8.40
06 oakum 7.59
07 snakepit 4.35
08 erpland 5.55
09 aramanu 7.01
10 sunscape 11.01

11 vibuhti 10.38 (fade in - about 1 min missing for changing MD)
12 sploosh 7.07
13 white rhino tea 7.50
14 throbbe 11.25

(my tracking ALWAYS starts with the announcement of a track - to me the announcement IS part of a LIVE-track !!!)

Time: 114 min

Ed Wynne (g/keys)
John "Champignon" Egan (winds)
Christopher "Seaweed" Lenox-Smith (synths)
Zia Geelani (bg)
Stuart "Schoo" Fisher (dr)

This is a festival-audience-recording !
So, there is -of course- the classical, inevitable audience chatter during the whole concert,
but except some fanatical shouts here and there it is more or less in the background.
Sadly enough you can hear the second stage in the far distance playing some boring goa-boom-boom during quieter parts, SORRY !

The slight distortion of the bass in the beginning of "O-I" was part of the concert coming from the PA !
The beginning of "Throbbe" has 2 or 3 tiny little points your ears might stumble over, where I had to edit some harder MD-bumps.

All in all I consider this a very fine recording and I did my best to enhance it to the optimum (twice), but judge yourself (samples included) !

To enjoy the original-head-recording completely I recommend listening via headphones !

cover-artwork is added, but is not in best quality, cause I had to make a screencopy from another program (no way to convert)

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Keep it lossless (if possible - This is no holy grail, but it would be nice to keep the quality for all future listeners!)
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uploaded to DIME by rackhir August 2014

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