Ozric Tentacles
The Pavilion, Bath
14th May 2004

Source: Audience
Recording : Giant Squid Binaural Mics (fixed roll off) > Sharp MDMT80
Transfer : Sony MDS-JA333ES MD Player > Edirol UA3 > Soundforge > CDWav > CDR

This has come from a bag of CDRs I’ve recently found from trades around 10 years ago. I *THINK* this is the correct source/lineage as most of the other shows I have from around this time all come from the same source. If anybody is able to confirm this it would be appreciate it. Thanks!

Disc One
1. Intro
2. Jurassic Shift
3. Chewier
4. O-i
5. The Domes Of G'Bal
6. Synth Jam
7. White Rhino Tea
8. Pyramidion

Disc Two
1. Celtic Jam
2. Plasmoid
3. Tidal Convergence
4. Oakum
5. Sploosh!
6. The Throbbe