Here we have, hopefully, a non-controversial show from the 2004 US tour. {grin} This
is from Milwaukee's Shank Hall, the name of the club, of course, inspired by the movie
Spinal Tap.

I was in attendance at this show,and spoke briefly to the taper at the time, but aside
from a short glance at his gear, which appeared to be quite professional - mikes on
booms by the soundboard, etc..., there's not much more I can say. This show was
torrented on (I think) shortly after the show.

It's a high quality audience recording, which I would rate 9/9.5 - A-/A.

There are several highlights, music-wise on this recording, but, the centerpiece of
this show is "Plasmoid", and the jam which follows. Harry Waters gets off a pretty
good solo on this. I recall standing at the lip of the stage being completely transported
away to another time and space. And, then because I was so gob-smacked, I yelled
the first thing I could think of. And, yes, it comes out loud and clear on the recording...
I cringe with embarassment every time I hear it. BUT, it was an honest assessment of
my feelings at the time {grin}

("You guys rock!!!!" - Listen for it just as "Tidal Convergence" begins).

For the preparation of this torrent, I extracted the tracks from my original CD-Rs
with EAC in secure mode, then encoded to FLAC Level 6.

The particulars:

Disc 1

1. Intro (Ashlandi Bol, Vita Voom, etc)
2. Jurassic Shift
3. Chewier
4. O-I
5. The Domes of G'Bal ->
6. Synth Jam -> Ta Khut
7. White Rhino Tea

Disc 2

1. Pyramidion
2. Sunscape
3. Celtic Jam
4. Plasmoid
5. Tidal Convergence
6. Oakum
7. Sploosh!
8. Hootin' & Hollerin'
9. The Throbbe

The band is:

Shreddy Eddy Wynne - guitar, keys
Jumpin' Jon (Champignon) - flutes, vocalizations, twirling, clever patter
Hal (Harry) Waters - synths
Pazza - bass
Schoo - drums

Artwork included. Photos by Steve Fuller.

Enjoy. (Oh, yeah, y'all are gonna like this one!)

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