Ozric Tentacles
2012 04 10
State Theater
Falls Church, VA

Source: Yamaha Pocketrak PCM WAV 16bit @ 48k
Transfer: Wav file > Cool Edit Pro > EZCD-DA> FLAC
Recorded and transferred by: ForeverYes

Cool Edit was used for tracking, level adjustment and a low end roll off

01 - The Sacred Turf
02 - Mooncalf
03 - Xingu
04 - D Jam
05 - Paper Monkeys
06 - Og Ha Be
07 - Sultana Detrii
08 - Saucers
09 - Saucer Jam
10 - Sunscape
11 - Sunscape Jam
12 - Invisible Carpet
13 - Lost In The Sky
14 - Myriapod
15 - Throbbe
16 - Eternal Wheel
17 - Sploosh

I found out about this band about 4 years ago when a co worker played it on a job site one day.
I found the music so appealing I couldn't believe I had never heard of this band earlier.
When the 2009 tour was announced, I had to see them. I live in South Florida, and the SE dates
were as close as they ever come to my location! I planned to go to the Progday show with a
childhood friend who now lived in Raliegh. When I told my co worker/friend about my plan,
he decided he would join me and we planned the trip to start at the Atlanta show, take a trip
up the Blue Ridge to the Asheville show, and end up with the Progday show.
What an awesome trip that was! Soon after, my friend moved to the DC area
When this recent 2012 tour was announced I realized it was time for a road trip to Virginia.
Like Ed knew what I was planning, he added a last minute date in Falls Church, just a few miles
from where my friend lives now!
This time I recorded all the shows so here it is, the first show from my 2012 road trip!

My personal highlights from this show, this would be the only performance of Myriapod I would see
and the only appearance of Eds acoustic guitar and performance of Saucers. All of the jams were good,
especially the Saucer Jam. And I dont know if it was the sound system or Ollie's chops, but I really get off
on the drums for Xingu in this recording. I hope you all enjoy!

Thank you to Ed, Brandi, Silas and Oliver for doing what you do.