Ozric Tentacles
2012 04 11
The Jewish Mother
Virginia Beach, VA

Source: Yamaha Pocketrak PCM WAV 16bit @ 48k
Transfer: Wav file > Cool Edit Pro > EZCD-DA> FLAC
Recorded and seeded by: ForeverYes

Cool Edit was used for tracking, level adjustment and a low end roll off

01 - The Sacred Turf
02 - Mooncalf
03 - Og Ha Be
04 - Lost In The Sky
05 - Paper Monkeys
06 - Xingu
07 - Tidal Convergence
08 - Sunscape
09 - Sunscape Jam
10 - Erpland
11 - Sultana Detrii
12 - Throbbe
13 - Ayurvedic
14 - Eternal Wheel
15 - Invisible Carpet
16 - Sploosh

So here's the 2nd show from my trip!
If you only grab one of my recordings, trust me and grab this one!
This was just one of those nights, like I haven't seen since my first Ozric show in Atlanta 09!

We got into town in the afternoon and went straight to the beach to get the hotel room.
I started to get a little concerned when Virginia Beach looked like a ghost town.
I guess the cold front dropping temps down to the low 40's, it wasn't really a beach day!
We went to the venue around 6 to get dinner first and the place was empty.
I started thinking nobody was coming to the show here, but during the opener people started coming in.
By the time Ozric's took the stage, a good size crowd had shown up! And they brought a really great vibe with them!

I had started my recording right from the booth where we had dinner in the back of the room.
I noticed that the raised deck the booths were on was rumbling, so I moved to a better location.
You can hear this for a moment as image shifting during "Lost In The Sky"
Ed was just on fire this night and the whole band played a near flawless performance (IMHO)!
They said this was the first time playing "Erpland" in a long time, and they simply nailed it!
And Ayurvedic! Need I say more?

Hope you all enjoy this show as much as I do.

Thanks again to Ed, Brandi, Silas and Oliver

And a special thank you to all who came to the show and bringing the vibe that made the night!