Ozric Tentacles
Tralfamadore Music Hall
(a.k.a. The Tralf)
Buffalo, New York
Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Recorded by gregrypeckry
From behind the Soundboard for most of the show
(until "Drunken Yaks" moved too close, then moved to stage left)

Zoom H2 > Wavs > CD Wave Editor > GoldWave > Trader's Little Helper > flac > you

CD Wave Editor used for cutting up the tracks - GoldWave was used to boost the volume levels.
20 tracks - just a little over 2 hours altogether.

The last time I saw the band was several years ago - I remember that they didn't seem as 'together' as they do now!
I'm an older fan of the band (my 1st Ozrics show was 20 yrs. ago) and while I do miss the presence & sounds of
Jumpin' John Egan I feel that the group are back to firing on all cylinders.

I'm bad at remembering any of the names of the tunes!
(Isn't it all just one great big tune with hundreds of variations?)
But a picture of the setlist is included - feel free to fill in the pieces....

Ed Ozric - Guitar, Synths
Brandi Ozric - Bass
Silas Neptune - Synths
new drummer (cannot make out his name, but is E. European)



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