Ozric Tentacles
2015 09 27
The Ballroom at the Outer Space
Hamden CT

Source: Yamaha Pocketrak PCM WAV 16bit @ 48k
Transfer: Wav file > Cool Edit Pro > EZCD-DA> FLAC
Recorded and seeded by: ForeverYes

Cool Edit was used for tracking only

01 - Jurassic Shift
02 - Mooncalf
03 - Epiphlioy
04 - White Rhino Tea
05 - Sultana Detrii
06 - Coily
07 - Changa Masala
08 - Lost In The Sky
09 - Zenlike Creatures
10 - The Sacred Turf/Attack of the Vapours
11 - Eternal Wheel

As I live in South Florida and the Ozrics never tour further south than Atlanta,
I make the most of their eastern US tours and see as many shows as I can.
So here are my recordings from my third,most recent and most extensive road trip yet
to see the mighty Ozric Tentacles!

What an awesome way to start the journey! Full eclipse of the super moon!
Wobblesauce played first and then Mantismash started his set.
At that point most everybody there started trickling out to the parking lot to watch the eclipse.
Ed came out and joined the parking lot festivities. We all watched the eclipse until it was full,
then Ed thought the show should probably get started and the entire parking lot followed him in!
It was a fairly small turnout but very enthusiastic fans that showed up.
All in all, I had a great time and hope you enjoy this show as well.