Ozric Tentacles
2015 10 08
Altamont Theatre

Source: Yamaha Pocketrak PCM WAV 16bit @ 48k
Transfer: Wav file > Cool Edit Pro > EZCD-DA> FLAC
Recorded and seeded by: ForeverYes

Cool Edit was used for tracking only

Ed Wynne - Guitar,Keyboards
Brandi Wynne - Bass
Silas Wynne - Keyboards
Balazs Szende - Drums
Matt Williams - Violin (*tracks 10-13)

01 - Jurassic Shift
02 - Mooncalf
03 - Epiphlioy
04 - White Rhino Tea
05 - Xingu
06 - Zenlike Creatures
07 - Coily
08 - Changa Masala
09 - Eternal Wheel
10 - *Sunrise Jam
11 - *Sultana Detrii
12 - *Throbbe
13 - *Sploosh

A very special performance to end the 2015 tour for me!
Ozrics first time back in Asheville since they played at The Orange Peel
on my first tour in 2009. This time they played at the Altamont Theatre,
which is a smaller room and it was a sold out show.
I'd say the that this night was the best performances of these songs,
but what really makes this night special was the guest performance with Matt Williams on violin!
If I didn't already experience it, I think it would be hard to imagine Sploosh with violin!
But as Brandi says when she introduces Matt, "it turns out he makes a really good tentacle!"

Hope you all enjoy this show as much as I do!

And I hope I dont have to wait another 3 years for the next Eastern US tour!