Pacific, Gas & Electric
2nd British Rock Meeting
Insel Gruen, Germersheim, Germany
22 May 1972

Great Audience Master

Lineage: Master Reel > Revox B77 > Pioneer PDR05 CD Recorder > EAC > WAV > FLAC > Adobe Audition CS6 (levels, minor edits, re-tracking) > TLH (fix SBEs) > FLAC (L8)

Recorded by "HB" with Telefunken Magnetophon 300 TS + Grundig microphone.


1. Instr. Intro
2. Jam/Everyday I Have The Blues/Blues Medley
3. ?/Drums/?
4. Blues
5. Are You Ready
6. Encore Break
7. Closing Jam

Total time 1:46:38


Charlie Allen - lead vocals

Any help with the setlist and the line-up would be more than welcome!

Notes from Doc's Diary Vol. 7:
Hey everybody, here's another great show from the 2nd British Rock Meeting in Germersheim 1972:
The only complete concert recording of Pacific, Gas & Electric I found yet!

Luckily I saw some of their performance in Germersheim, since they played from 6 o'clock Monday morning until around 8 o'clock, as the last band of the Sunday evening programm...
I remember waking up, grabbing some food and hasting straight to the stage, as they were sounding great!
Fortunately, I recently picked up this master reel, among others, and was able to listen to their set, after more than 30 years!

The 2nd British Rock Meeting Festival in Germersheim, Germany, was a big festival with more than 40 bands which happened from Saturday May 20th to Monday May 22nd 1972!

Enjoy this rare piece of history!!

Many thanks to DocTinker for providing the extensive encore which was missing from my version.
Without his generosity this (kinda) reseed would not have been possible.

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Trade freely! Do not buy or sell! Keep it lossless!

Original version uploaded to DIME by DocTinker on July 15, 2005.
This slightly reworked version uploaded by propylaen in December 2014.



The second British Rock Meeting was suppose to take place on Friesenheimer Island in Mannheim, Germany; however, the Mannheim city council opposed it and MAMA Concerts had to change the venue. The early posters still show Mannheim as the festival location. As can be seen on the left, the original poster was done in blue, with Mannheim as the venue, new posters were printed in red after the promoters found an alternate site to hold the festival. MAMA Concerts first tried to relocate the festival to Korsika and then to the racetrack in Hockenheim but strong reaction from the city councils made these sites unacceptable.

After much searching, the concert promoters were finally able to relocate the festival to Insel Gr�n (Green Island) in Germersheim. Even then, it looked like the festival would not happen as Germersheim city officials began having second thoughts about allowing so a large festival to be held on Insel Gr�n and issued a police order against the festival the day prior to its start. City officials relented however after eleventh hour talks with the festival organizers, the mayor of Germersheim, and a top Rheinland Pfalz state official. Over 70,000 people attended this 4-day festival and 35 bands performed there, including Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, Status Quo, Lindisfarne, and of course, Rory Gallagher.