Page McConnell
Higher Ground
S. Burlington, VT
May 30, 2007

Audio Technica 853Rx>Microtrack; FOB

Disc One

1. Heavy Rotation
2. Runaway Bride
3. Maid Marian
4. Memories Can't Wait#
5. Beauty Of A Broken Heart
6. Final Flight
7. Rules I Don't KNow

Disc 2
1. Close To Home
2. Complex Wind
3. Back In The Basement*
4. Everyone But Me
5. Strange Design**
6. Stuck In The Middle With You#

#1st Memories Can't Wait (Talking Heads cover), 1st Final Flight (Vida Blue), 1st Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealer's Wheel cover)
* w/ Mike Gordon on bass. No Rob O'Dea.
** Page solo

Page McConnell
Jared Slomoff
Adam Zimmon
Rob D'Dea
Gabe Jarrett