Page McConnell
June 2,2007
Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia,PA

Source:Schoeps MK41(DINA)>kcy>Sonosax SX-M2/LS>Hydra Silver XLR Interconnects >Sound Devices 722(24/96)
Lineage: Wavelab 6(resample,dither)->cd wave->flac
Taped by: Jon Merin
Transferred by: Jon Merin

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Heavy Rotation
03. Close to Home
04. Maid Marian
05. Back in the Basement
06. Final Flight
07. Complex Wind
08. Runaway Bride

Disc 2
01. Walk The Proud Land
02. Rules I Don't Know
03. Beauty of a Broken Heart
04. crowd
05. Strange Design* (encore)
06. Monkey Man# (encore)

*Page solo
#1st played (Rolling Stones)