Page McConnell
June 08, 2007
The Orange Peel,
Asheville, NC

FOB, slightly right of SBD
on stand, approxamtely 7-8 feet high
Schoeps MK4>KC5>CMC6>Apogee AD1000>Sony D8
@ 48kHZ, 16 bit

Tascam DA-30>Monster Coax>M-Audio 2496>Sound Forge 9.0
resampled with Anti-Aliasing Filter to 44.1 kHZ in SF9.0 at 4 of 4 (highest quality)

taped and transfered by Brian Durham


Disc One:

01. Amoreena
02. Heavy Rotation
03. Maid Marian
04. Moog Demonstration
05. Back in the Basement
06. Pump It Up
07. Complex Wind
08. Runaway Bride
09. Walk the Proud Land

Disc Two:

01. Rules I Don't Know
02. Close to Home
03. Beauty of a Broken Heart

04. Crowd Noise
05. Monkey Man