Page McConnell
grandstand stage
High sierra music fest
Quincy, Ca
july 8th 2007

source: 481 > lunatec V3 > SD 722 @24/48 din fob din
transfer: 722> wavelab v5.0[dithered using appogee "uv22 hr" plug-in][resampled to 44.1k]> cdwav v1.94.5> flac16(level 8)
recorded and transfered by: justin hoogerwerf

disc one
t1 intro
t2 stuck in the middle
t3 heavy rotation
t4 Maid Marian
t5 complex wind
t6 runaway bride
t7 Walk The Proud Land

disc two
t1 Back in the Basement
t2 Rules I Don't Know
t3 Close to Home
t4 Beauty Of A Broken Heart
t5 cars trucks buses