Led Zeppelin
Innerview radio program
Hyatt House
Los Angeles, CA
March 1975


Quality: A

Notes: One of the first "Innerview" programs that Jim Ladd hosted. Ladd is a great interviewer, but this early program is pure cornball...he musta been smoking a lot of pot around this time and came up with a "computer voice" character to narrarate certain segments. Embarrassing. Also, he calls the band "The Led Zeppelin." Huh? Plant and Page are interviewed by Ladd right before the three LA Forum '75 dates. Some interesting comments, in particular about the rough shape the band was in at the start of the tour. Page also mentions they listened to tapes of those first shows, so must be some soundboards of those with the rarities "Wanton Song" and "When the Levee Breaks." The late J.J Jackson - a Zep ally - prolly persuaded Page and Plant to do this and he gives a spacey voiceover or two to make it seem like he was there, but doubt he was in the room.