Artist: Page & Plant
Date: 1995-03-14
Location: Houston, TX
Venue: The Summit
Source: Audience
Lineage: master cassettes>wav(96/24)>wav(44.1/16)>flac
Transfer: master cassettes>Revox B-215>Rotel RN-560 Outboard Dolby/MPX NR System (Dolby/MPX NR off)>Audiophile 192>Adobe Audition 3.0
Taping Gear: Sony Recording Walkman>Stereo clip on mic
Taped By: sean_the_bootlegger
Transferred By: weedwacker

Band Members:
Robert Plant - vocals
Jimmy Page - guitar
Charlie Jones - bass
Michael Lee - drums
Porl Thompson - guitar
Ed Shearmur - keyboards, orchestral arrangements
Nigel Eaton - hurdy gurdy

Egyptian Ensemble

Various local Houston orchestral musicians

01. The Wanton Song (cuts in)
02. Bring It On Home
03. Celebration Day
04. Thank You
05. Dancing Days
06. Shake My Tree
07. Lullaby
08. No Quarter
09. Gallows Pole
10. Audience
11. Hurdy Gurdy solo ->
12. Nobody's Fault But Mine
13. The Song Remains The Same
14. Since I've Been Loving You
15. Friends
16. Calling To You (cuts out due to tape change)
17. Dazed And Confused -> (cuts in due to tape change)
18. Calling To You (reprise)
19. Four Sticks
20. In The Evening
21. Black Dog
22. Kashmir

Length: 119:29

Sean_the_bootlegger's master recording. Typical show from early in the 95 tour. The recording is mostly complete only missing the Voyage Of Bran intro poem, the Immigrant Song intro into The Wanton Song along with a small portion of The Calling To You medley (the portion where Plant would sing a little bit of a Doors tune during this leg of the tour). This was another of those trash bin recordings with a damaged left channel. The recording has been restored by creating a faux stereo recording using the only the right channel. Audibly it is identical including the stereo seperation to the actual recording for the few minutes both mics were working.