Rosemont Horizon
Rosemont, IL
April 29, 1995

Audience Dat Master>Cdr>Eac>Flac

Krw&Co Master Recording

Set List:

Disc One:

1: Tales Of Bron Intro
2: Thank You
3: Bring It On Home
4: Ramble On
5: Shake My Tree
6: Lullaby
7: No Quarter
8: Gallows Pole
9: Hurdy Gurdy Solo/When The Levee Breaks
10: Hey Hey What Can I Do
11: Song Remains The Same
12: Since I've Been Loving You

Disc Two:

1: Friends
2: Calling To You (W/Down By The Seaside/Break On Through And Dazed And Confused)
3: Four Sticks
4: In The Evening
5: Whole Lotta Love
6: Kashmir

Recorded Using A Sony D7 With Akg Mics Up On A 15 Foot Stand In The Taper Section.